Started The Documented Life Project!!!

Oh dear it’s been awhile……finally took the plunge and joined The Documented Life Project. I am having soooo much fun with it!!!!! I couldn’t decide on where to start…… Do I go back and try to catch up????? Since they are already half way through the year I decided to just start where they were. So here is the first spread…….week 22……house and the start of week 23……, gratitude………


Create on!!!!!

Underwater Ladies and Selfie

Oh my goodness it has been to long!!!!! Have been creating up a storm …..constantly trying new products to get the best results. New love….Tim Holtz distress paints!!!! Loving them because they are permanent. Keeps everything looking crisper……also loving his distress inks. Taking a class this weekend at The Inspiration Station on Copic Markers. Know I am going to love them. I have been using prisma color markers which I really like but I want to be able to blend them……soooooo exciting. Also taking a Zentangle class out there in June. Have been Zentangling for years but really want to learn more about it!!!! Ok so here we go. Here are my Underwater Ladies…….they aren’t done want to do a bunch of writing around them just haven’t decided what I want to say…..

Close up…..


Selfie…..this one still needs finishing up.

Close up


Upside-down me still needs finishing touches!!!!
So that is it my friends!!!!
Create on!!!!

Taking a Walk on the Wild Side

Oh my this was the scariest page so far!!!!! Can’t decide how I feel about it……I combined collage, stenciling, paints, dyes,markers and stamping……wow know wonder I feel it’s overworked!!!!! Having said all that it was so fun. Since it is technically called art journaling I need to get brave and start journaling!!!!! Ok go out and take a walk on YOUR wild side!!!!!!

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My Happy Place!!!!

So as I was finishing up this design I was listening to a spreecast where artist Jane M. Houghton was saying as an artist it is important to stay in your happy place…….how weird is that??????? Wow!!!!!! Kind of sent shivers…….

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Follow Your Weird

My goodness where do the days go? I haven’t been here in a few days but believe me I never stop creating!!!! What have I been doing?? Glad you asked….the engagement party for Chels and Justin was a complete success!
I finished another Xmas stocking for a baby shower

Next I am almost done with another pair of socks!!!!

Worked on a prayer shawl which I am finishing this month if it kills me!!!!
I finished I think my favorite page yet !!!
Follow Your Weird

Then last but not least today’s work in progress!!!!!

So what have you been up to???
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What is it About Wednesdays?????

So I am beginning to notice that Wednesdays tend to be my most creative days…….wonder what that’s about?????

I am continuing working on my sneaker fun page!!!!! Haven’t quite decided what I will journal about……ideas????? Craving the fun days of summer……

Create on!!!!!


A Knitterly Day

Hellooooo my creative friends!!!!!

What are you all creating today? I have decide it is a Knitterly day. Maybe it has something to do with the early morning snow? Yes I said snow… is never going to stop. My favorite thing to knit is socks……this pair is being worked toe up on 2 circular needles using Madelinetosh sock yarn. I love them!!!!! I love to knit!!!!!!!!

Create on my friends!!!!!!